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Tagging Utility Program: putting etymological tags on a text

“The Dictionary of English Etymology for Analyzing Expressions” (hereinafter referred to as DEE ) contains the origin and borrowing process of approximately 20,000 English words and will be expected to expand to 25,000 (currently under compilation).

The DEE has been developed together with a tagging utility program. The tagging program allows users to tag each word of the target text at etymological labels(OE, ME, F, L, G, etc), by consulting the DEE database. One objective of the DEE is that it enables scholars to automatically analyze English expressions with the view that the etymology of each word in a text is one of the essential elements determining the behavior of the expression. Setting up etymology as one attribute of any word, researchers will be able to create the possibilities of developing semantic and rhetorical analysis.

Hemingway “The End of Something” Tagged

In the old(OE) days(OE) Hortons bay(OF) was a lumbering(ME) town(OE). No one(OE) who(OE) lived(OE) in it was out of sound(OE-ON) of the big(ME-ON) saws(OE) in the mill(OE) by the lake(OF). Then(OE) one(OE) year(OE) there(OE) were no more(OE) logs(ON?) to make(OE) lumber(ME). The lumber(OE) schooners(American) came(OE) into the bay(OF) and were loaded(OE) with the cut(OE) of the mill(OE) that stood(OE) stacked(ON) in the yard(OE). All(OE) the piles(OE) of lumber(OE) were carried(NF) away(OE). The big(ME) mill(OE) building(OE) had(OE) all(OE) it machinery(F) that was removable(OF+of) taken(OE) out and hoisted(MDu) on hoard(OE) one(OE) of the schooners(American) by the men(OE) who(OE) had(OE) worked(OE) in the mill(OE). The schooner(American) moved(AN) out of the bay(OF) toward the open(OE) lake(OF) carrying(NF) the two(OE) great(OE) saws(OE), the travelling(OF) carriage(F) that hurled(lowG) the logs(ON?) against the revolving(OF), circular(AF) saws(OE) ……


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